Graphic researches (1)

The "lightning" calamity - 2nd version of prototype.

The “lightning” calamity – 3rd version of prototype.

Atlantis card’s back

Start position - 1st version of prototype.

God’s card

God’s Card – Last version

Start position – last version of prototype.

Hubris (Work in Progress)

Hubris is a cooperative board game where the players personify Greek Gods annoyed by humans and trying do destroy their city before they finish the construction of a tower bringing them up to the Olympus.
Cooperate with your friends, spread chaos in the city and try to sink Atlantis before the so-called heroes kills you !

I work as a Game Designer with Vincent Aubry, a Game and Graphic Designer. He made all the pictures presented here.
The game is still in a huge phase of balancing, but the main core is done and we are expecting to go to the next step soon !

Game Designer
2014 – 2015 (ongoing)
Board Game, Cooperative Game