The beginning of the game seen from one world...

... and from another. The spooky blueish guy is your dead mentor giving you some advice.

Make your way through the "puzzle-crafted" levels and discover hidden areas.

If you search deep in the levels you can find some interesting pages from an old student's diary... Maybe there are some clues about the current state of the world in it ?

There is two kinds of bonus in the game (one kind for each world), and the other one is artworks like this one.

Use your axis to understand the two worlds and unlock their mysteries !

A Tale of Two Worlds

A Tale of Two Worlds is a classical 2D plateformer browser game… or is it?
In this game you are a student who accidentally find himself stuck between two worlds: a magical one and a technological one. From now on part of both worlds simultaneously you can use an axis to change environment and objects form one world to another and take advantage of this unique condition to achieve your goal…

But one picture worth a thousand words so please see the trailer here:

I worked as a Game Designer and as an UX designer on this project with an amazing team of ENJMIN’s students: Melvin Burdy, Ivann Dimitrov, Ahmed Majdoubi, Vincent Pellarrey and Alexandre Sauderais.

Our game was initially for the Hits Playtime contest. But after some improvements we try the Game Paris Award 2013 and we won the first price in the Best Student game category!

You can check our facebook page with the link bellow, where you can also play the game in an english version.

NEW : We are also very proud to announce that we won the 1st prize in the International Competition category at the Ludicous Zürich Game Festival 2014!

Game Designer, UX Designer
ENJMIN, Hits Playtime, Game Paris Award, Ludicous Zürich Game Festival
2012 – 2013
Video Game, Plateformer, Browser Game