Cubes before the players starts

Left player destroy an ice element by tapping the cube's screen and put a free path in front of the hamster. Right player combine two elements (water and fire) in order to destroy both.

Left player slide a water element out of a cube and keep another one for futur combinations. Right player keep the running hamster alive by putting in front of him cleared cubes given by left player.

Some typical elements

Some elements and the old title

Litle Furious

Litle Furious (previously known as Fat and Furious) is a cooperative alchemy/runner game about a frenetic hamster making his way through Sifteo cubes. As the hamster goes on, he runs faster and more obstacles pop out on the cubes. Two players has to cooperate in order to reach highscore before the inevitable hamster’s death!

Didn’t get it? Go see the trailer:

I worked as an UX Designer on this project with a wonderfull team of ENJMIN’s students : Matthieu Bonneau, Emmanuel Corno, Marc Gilleron, Philippe Salib and Léa Saugé.

The game wins the first price in the Technical category at the Montpelier In Games 2013!

Finally the game was released! Go to the Sifteo Store at

UX Designer
ENJMIN, Sifteo
2013 – 2014
Video Game, Cooperative Game, Sifteo Cube